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StrikeMaster Chipper Mag 3121412-P Power Auger Review

The avid ice fisher understands that the onset of winter marks the beginning of a fun-filled season – the time to engage in ice fishing. This, unlike traditional fishing, requires highly sophisticated machines referred to as the ice fishing auger. Simply put, the auger is the tool you use to dig holes on the ice filled surface so as to be able to get access to the fish hidden underneath. The equipment comes in various types, with the most basic being the manual auger. This type of auger is meant to be an entry level implement. It has a basic design and is widely used. This auger relies on physical strength and therefore one must be physically fit for them to operate. It is particularly straining for the elderly or children to operate this type of auger. Another issue arises when the ice becomes thicker. In such a case, it becomes extremely difficult to drill through the surface. That is why you find the need for a gas powered auger such as the StrikeMaster Chipper Mag 3121412-P Power Auger. This type of auger is more efficient at digging through thick ice and is easier to operate even by the elderly or young children.

Gas powered augers are more advanced and boast a greater power when compared to the manual augers. They are designed for the advanced user and not the beginner. They deliver faster and better results unlike the manual auger. However, the user should be acquainted with the implement before using it. This machine requires a little expertise to operate and once mastered will give better, reliable and more efficient service.

The gas powered auger may be regarded as reliable and more efficient but there are instances where it fails the user. The unit is quite huge and heavy and thus requires much strength to be carried from one place to the other. The gas powered augers also come in various kinds. One has to consider the machine size and capacity. Since the machines dig different hole dimensions, it is wise to choose a machine that can create bigger holes. That way, you will be able to fish comfortable through the water underneath the ice.

The gas powered augers are also available as either two stroke or four stroke augers. These are the most popular in the market. The two stroke augers are not easy to use since they require the oil and gas to be mixed in the right proportion before use. The four stroke augers on the other hand do not require premixing and hence are a popular choice. When it comes to price, four stroke augers are the most expensive. But overall, gas augers are highly efficient, more durable and very reliable.

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About the StrikeMaster Chipper Mag 3121412-P Power Auger

The gas powered StrikeMaster Chipper Mag 3121412-P Power Auger is designed for the hardy user. It is fitted with American-made transmission components in addition to Swedish blades that burrow thick ice surfaces with ease. The components are sharp and hardy and can burrow holes all day for many seasons. It has a chipper magnum of 10.25 inches which can dig holes wide enough to make ice fishing easy. This unit does a great job when it comes to re-opening holes and can handle heavy duty work before running out of gas. The 2.5HP 42cc engine that powers this auger provides sufficient power for burrowing hard surfaces. The unit is also fitted with a Boron steel chipper blade that is sharp and hardy to create holes with ease. This unit also weighs barely 28 pounds and that means it is easy to carry around.


  • It has a 20.5 HP42 cc solo powerhead engine.
  • Fitted with Vandar ergonomic handles that can withstand high impact.
  • Comes with Boron steel chipper blade.
  • It has American made transmission system in addition to heat treated steel gears.
  • It has polymer gear castings that provide lightweight power.
  • The Solo Engine is covered by a 2-year warranty.
  • Available in red and black color.
  • Its chipper Magnum is 10.25 inches.
  • Has a weight of 28 pounds.

Pros and Cons


  • Very powerful unit.
  • Works faster than manual augers.
  • Sharp blades.
  • You don’t tire easily.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy starting.
  • Has comfortable handles.
  • Efficient in gas consumption.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Warranty provided for the Solo Engine.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is a dependable unit.
  • Does an excellent job when it comes to reopening holes.


  • It vibrates a lot and this can be annoying.
  • Not friendly to the environment due to gas emissions.

Further Thoughts

The StrikeMaster Chipper Mag 3121412-P Power Auger is a gas powered ice fishing auger that is loved by many and disliked by a few. The unit is best described as a reliable workhorse that never gets exhausted all day and season after season. I find it to be pretty lightweight at its 28 pounds. This is unlike other gas powered units that weigh substantially higher and require more effort to operate. This unit does a good job as well when it comes to digging wide holes and I love this. It is also very sharp and delivers fast cutting and this has please most of the buyers. When it comes to efficiency, it eats ice quick and easily. The handles too are well-engineered to handle pressure hence making drilling hassle free. On the downside, the unit leaks a little gas. It is also not friendly to the environment.

A Final Word

A few gas powered ice fishing augers come close to what the StrikeMaster Chipper Mag 3121412-P Power Auger offers. This unit weighs around 28 pounds and this quite lightweight given that this is a gas powered unit. Its sharp blades also cut through the ice fast and easy. This task master can withstand even the hardest surfaces. It also starts out easily and is easy to operate. Another plus for the unit are the Vandar long filament handles. These can handle high pressure during operation and thus guarantee limited disruption as a result of the impact generated when operating the machine.

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