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Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8 12000DP Power Auger Review

Are you a fishing buddy? Do you love going out on an ice fishing expeditions? Perhaps you or one of your loved ones have been met with some disappointments in the recent past while on their fishing expedition and you are developing cold feet going into it again because you do not want to have a repeat of the sad experiences again? Unfortunately, disappointments are part of life.

Most people that record success on ice fishing  generally do not have more experience than you. It is simply a matter of the tools that they have at their disposal. If you really want to have the best experience with the least amount of stress, then you have to fish with the right equipment. Have you heard about Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8 12000DP Power Auger? It is indeed a strike master worthy of that name when issues of ice fishing are concerned.

Features of the Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8 12000DP Power Auger

The saying goes that the taste of food is in the pudding. This is true of technology as well. Show me a product that will fulfill all the expectations of the customer – such a product will definitely have all its features working in perfect harmony with all its component. That can be said to a larger extent about this ice auger.

The manufacturers of this ice fishing auger are really out to give great service delivery to their customers. They have placed the customer above the gains that they are expected to make. The features that are incorporated into it says it all. Let us take a look at the design structure:

  • There are two laser blades and they are serrated stainless steel blades. This will ensure that they will last you for a longer period of time because there will be no problem of erosion to contend with along the line of use. For as long as you use it, it will maintain the coating after every use without rusting.
  • When you go ice fishing, the source of power supply should be steady. Over and above that, there should be a steady supply of power for the blades for over a long period. The Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8 has adequately taken care of that; you can go ice fishing as long as you desire without worrying about the source of power supply. The 12v battery pack that comes with it assures that. There is the battery charger that you can use to conveniently charge the battery is the charge is coming down. Accompanying this ice auger is also a 1 AMP Car Charger.
  • To make assurances doubly sure on this issue of power, the Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8 comes with a 12-foot external battery cables.
  • The handle of some of the existing models creates some problems for the operator. This has been adequately addressed in the ELL-8 model. The design of the handle is such that guarantees a high impact with a composite handle. The handles are also powder coated to prevent them from getting slippery.
  • The auger rotation is absolutely great. Look at these statistics: 90 RPM Auger Rotation, 40:1 Gear Ratio and 20 Amps Peak Draw.

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Pros and Cons


  • It has an incredible user interface. Even a novice can find his way around with this ice auger.
  • It is very strong. The long durability of this model is the reason why customers fall for it because it gives them great value for their money.
  • The charging is easy, with a 110V charging input, this ice aguer will be ready for operation.
  • The operation is noiseless.
  • It is a lightweight device.


  • It has a very slow response during startup of the device.
  • The speed of operation is slow when compared to some other available models.
  • It is weak when it has to drill beyond 12 inches.


Further Thoughts

Though I am critical of the speed of the Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8, I am nonetheless happy that this ice auger still gets the job done at the end of the day. I am impressed with how sturdy the parts are which adds to its durability over the long term.

The battery life is another thing I am happy about. I am happy about the lifespan of the battery as well as the easy means of charging the battery when the power is down. The interface is also noteworthy. No matter your level of education, you can find your way around this ice auger thanks to its easy to use interface.

Additionally, whenever there is a fault, just about anybody can easily get it fixed with a directive from the customer care. The few areas of worry are the speed and the initial response time upon startup.

A Final Word

There is no perfect invention, and the Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8 12000DP Power Auger is no exception. However, it is a great invention. The manufacturers have put in a lot to ensure that this auger performs to expectations. Kudos must be given to StrikeMaster for their areas of strength. However, their research should continue if this model is not to be overtaken by new technologies that are coming in every day.

  • Urgent action must be taken on the speed of cut of this model. Nobody wants to waste time, if other models can do it faster, then it must be factored into this model as well.
  • The startup time is slow. This should be looked into as well if this company wants to retain the loyalty of its customers.

The Strikemaster Electra Lazer ELL-8 12000DP Power Auger is a great product that needs a little touch of finesse. It’s definitely worth your buying consideration.

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