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StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper LC-1025B Auger Review

Ice fishing is one of the most rewarding hobbies to most people during winter. Unlike any other activity, this one is undertaken during the cold season when most people would prefer to stay indoors and cuddle. Ice augers are tools that make ice fishing easy and hassle free. It allows the user to fish in areas where the surface is extremely hard and impenetrable. There are three types of ice fishing augers to choose from: gas, manual, or the electric powered ice auger. All of these have their strong and weak points and that means you have to choose one that will meet your needs. The StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper LC-1025B Auger is an electric powered ice auger that is designed to make ice fishing a breeze. The sturdy unit comes with some features that enable the user to engage in uninterrupted ice fishing.

The decision to go for a hand/manual, electric, or gas powered auger is determined in most cases by the thickness of the ice and your budget. Most people opt for the hand auger since it is much cheaper when compared to the other types of ice fishing augers. Those who go for gas powered augers find them efficient where the area is covered with very thick ice. The gas powered auger penetrates the thick ice easily and with the least effort. It is also more efficient and productive unlike the hand operated auger. Experienced fishers choose the gas powered augers instead of the hand augers since it offers greater benefits than the former.

The electric ice fishing auger is the ultimate option for the professional fisher. It is lighter when compared to the hand and gas operated auger. It is also friendly to the environment since it does not emit fumes or produce oil residues. This is also less noisy unlike the others. However, the user depends solely on its battery power which might get depleted when you are in the middle drilling. Fortunately, some manufactures have now come up with electric augers that have on-board Battery indicator which helps monitor battery power. Included also with the machine is the charger that helps restore battery power when it runs out. Overall, the electric powered auger is the best and is also highly priced given the benefits it offers over the others.

About the StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper LC-1025B Auger

The StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper LC-1025B Auger is electric powered and it comes with an updated circuitry. This generates consistent power and torque and that means it never encounters lapses in power. The unit is designed to work in thick surfaces where manual augers cannot penetrate or prove to be inefficient to dig with a manual auger. This unit has an electric motor that is powered by a 50-Volt Battery and is fitted with a reinforced switch for maximum control and safety. The unit also comes with a lithium lazer that is fitted with full Boron steel chipper in addition to a steel drill. These are very sturdy and durable. They burrow through the hard ice effortlessly. The unit is also fitted with an American made 25:1 transmission and polymer gear that is very efficient and is extremely lightweight.

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  • Comes with updated circuitry that generates consistent torque and speed. This eliminates power lapses.
  • It requires 1 Lithium ION Battery to operate and this is delivered with the package.
  • The unit has an electric motor that is powered by a 50-V lithium ION Battery.
  • The battery has a reinforced switch for better control and maximum safety.
  • It comes with a fully packed lithium lazer that has full Boron steel chipper and steel drill blades. These are very sturdy and are availed ready for action. They are also highly durable.
  • The 25:1 transmission and polymer gear casting is American made and are highly efficient. It is also lightweight.
  • It comes with Boron steel chipper blade.
  • The Lithium ION Battery is removable and has an easy on/off switch.
  • The unit has zero emissions and does not produce noise.
  • 1-year warranty provided for the Battery and 3-year warranty provided for the motor.
  • It weighs 27 pounds and has a shipping weight of 37.1 pounds.

StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper LC-1025B Auger

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The unit is friendly to the environment. It produces zero emissions and does not produce much noise.
  • It is American made and thus it is the best quality you can get.
  • The battery is easy to control and hence it is safe to operate the unit.
  • It has comfortable handles.
  • It is very efficient unlike manually operated augers.
  • Comprehensive warranty provided for both battery and motor.
  • The Boron steel chipper and steel drill blades are hardy and durable. They easily penetrate thick surfaces.
  • The unit is lightweight. This can be operated easily by the elderly and young children.
  • Overall the unit is durable..
  • Quality for money.


  • Does not have an on-board battery indicator.
  • Highly priced.

Further Thoughts

The StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper LC-1025B Auger is a highly powered electric auger that is capable of penetrating even the hardiest grounds. The unit is solidly built and is easy top control. I found it to be lightweight unlike other units. I was very impressed with the consistent speed and torque that this unit provides. It does not encounter fluctuations in power when it action. The 50-Volt battery also provides sufficient power to last several hole-drilling actions. On the downside, this unit does not have a battery indicator and is highly priced.

A Final Word

If you have been considering an electric powered ice auger for a while, then it is time to dive into the world of electric augers. The StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper LC-1025B Auger offers a superb balance of quality, price, consistency, and reliability. The unit is powered by a 50-Volt battery that never disappoints. The sturdy unit also has strong and long lasting Boron steel chipper and steel drill blades that can penetrate even the hardiest surfaces. It does not produce much noise and never generates any emissions thus it is friendly to the environment. This is a sure quality for the money.

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